When you get to 30, it’s like an incredible milestone. By this age, my parent’s where around their 2nd kid, had bought 2 houses and sold 1, had car a car to their name, and I still don’t know how they did it.

But now, when you get to 30, it’s supposed to be the new 20’s (?), the best years of your life (?) and so on… For me, I’ve always said it, specially when it comes to relationships, age it’s just a number (cliche, I know, but I truly believe it to be true).

When we start to talk about 30, it’s impossible not to remember that Jennifer Gardner movie, specially because I love movies and rom-coms have a special place on my Netflix account and in my DVD collection.

Soo… Becoming 30 has it’s owns cliches. In spanish we call it «becoming maitra» which is basically saying that you’re becoming an old lady, and acting accordingly:

Fighting over tupperware – Is it mine? Is it my sisters? where did I left it? who has it?

Choosing netflix over going out – because what beats laying in bed with nobody to bother you?


Spending A LOT of your money (and time) in places like the dollar store.

Buy house stuff – and spend a lot of time deciding on one color

Carrying pills for your stomach because most of the things you love, now makes you sick (I’m talking to you chicken wings!)

Checking for time in your phone calendar and also, writing things down in your calendar, otherwise you’ll forget

Turning on the radio and not knowing who is singing

Hearing some kids (or your closest friends who are 3 years younger) and not knowing what tv show are they talking about (prob. because they’re talking about a web series or a youtuber)

Buying your first Lancomé or Clinique product – maitra silver level achived (it was a perfume, but still)

Drinking less than normal and feeling like you want to kill everybody the next day

If you have a car, you start carrying this things: hair roll up; wet wipes; disinfectant and a pair of extra shoes

You start waking up earlier to do some exercise and get some food before you leave home (not happening but hey, someday)

You move from personalized spotify playlist to personalized Stitcher podcast playlist

you get your first plant (and pray it won’t die, or if you’re just like me, buy a plastic and really cool one)

Most of new songs or movies seem like a copy of something you’ve already seen, or even worst, they are a remake…

You start reading waaaay more, and somehow the Netflix binge watch has stopped…

Most of your friends start having kids or getting married -and I’m just trying to figure out which country I’m gonna travel to next

But in the end, 30 it’s just +1 year and just another number, so here’s to a new decade 😀

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