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So, like I said on Twitter, the idea of this post if to help a friend, and many like her. But this version of the post, is to help some tourist that might come to El Salvador maybe because it’s a country along the way of their whole journey, or for the ones who come for our amazing beaches and the waves they get.

Downtown San Salvador is not the pretiest nor the safest place on earth, but it has it’s charms. Hell, my sister keeps telling me I shouldn’t go, but since the renovations started on that part of the city, the police has been all over the place, reassuring people that it’s safe to go. Having said that, I still think it’s one of the most amazing places to go, and that’s why I have made this post…

First thing’s first…

How to get there?

Nowadays there’s a bunch of ways to get downtown. You can get there by taxi, Uber, bus (not the safest, but you can do it while hiding all your precious belongings) or on the SITRAMSS buses; or if you go by car, there are many parking lots where you can park your car (Hula Hula, Catedral, Parking lot Morazan and the one next to the «El Rosario» Church.

Where to go?

I’ll leave you guys the main places to see and a little description of what you can see there, qnd right below it the map with the locations of these places and the routes you can take walking to see all these places.

1- Iglesia el Rosario.
This church is most famous for it’s painted glasses, you can admire them at their most beauty right around 4pm or at 8am.

2- Cine Libertad
The old Cinema Libertad is an abandoned cinema. The name plate still stands and it’s got it’s name from the town square that’s right in front of it.

3. Plaza Libertad
or «Freedoom Plaza» (that’s how it translates). The monument in the middle of this plaza was made to conmemorate the first movement for independence, november 5th, 1811. Also it’s been recently renew and it’s kinda pretty. Sometimes you can see some jazz concerts in this square.

4. La Dalia
This is one of the best. You get there by going around the corner of the block where it stands, and right besides a barber shop you go up. It’s one of the first social clubs, like an old Gentleman’s club. Now at any time, any day you’ll find some local older man gambling and playing pool. Recently it get’s crowded by night on fridays because they are some dj’s playing there, also at anytime, you can get a nice cold beer.

5. Museo de la moneda
It’s the Coin Museum and exactly what the name implies, although I’ve never been to but I’ve heard they have a great history exhibition.

6. Plaza Gerardo Barrios
This is the main square of the city. At it’s right you’ll find San Salvador Cathedral, to the left the National Library and in front the National Palace.

7. Palacio Nacional
The National Palace, also this I’ve never been to, but they say to have some tours and the floor is very pretty and like from the 50’s or something. It has saloons for receptions and stuff.

8. La Catedral
This is the main Cathedral (San Salvador’s Cathedral), it also has a parking lot at it’s right side. You can go inside the cathedral and in the lower floor you’ll see Oscar Romero’s tomb. 

9. Teatro Nacional
Our main Theater, here you can watch the main plays on stage. Also there are a lot of plays and functions that are free to the public.

10. Maktub Cafe
It’s a local café, located in one of the city’s oldest buildings, the Letona Building. It’s located on the second floor of the building in the corner of Delgado street in front of the Theater.

11. Banco Nacional
The old building that belonged to the National Bank. Now it’s a building with some offices, but the lower floors are occupied by a thrift store called «El gran imperio». I think it has like 6 floors and in the last one it has access to the roof and you can get an incredible view of the theater and the cathedral.

12. Castillo de la PNC
The police main quarters. It’s in the shape of a castle, so it’s known by that name. Just like the National Palace, it has old floors and a very pretty garden.


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